5 Best Cracked Minecraft Servers (2023)

Cracked Minecraft Servers

Cracked Minecraft servers are Minecraft servers that host players who acquired Minecraft through less-than-official channels.

For those looking to play Minecraft without purchasing the official game, cracked minecraft servers offer an alternative by allowing players to connect with cracked versions of the game.

Keep in mind that using cracked servers may not provide the same level of security or support as official servers, so it's advisable to exercise caution and prioritize legitimate means of obtaining the game for the best overall experience.

For these “cracked” players, these servers offer the closest thing to a genuine Minecraft multiplayer experience they’ll ever get since most mainstream Minecraft servers don’t accept players with cracked accounts.

Cracked Minecraft servers can be challenging to work with at best and dangerous to the health of your computer at worst, so you’ll need to pick the right one before you even think about delving into the illicit realm of cracked Minecraft. Here is a list of the best cracked Minecraft servers out there.

Best Cracked Minecraft Servers to Play

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  •     Twerion.net
  •     JartexNetwork
  •     PikaNetwork
  •     Immortal Survivor
  •     Herobrine


Twerion.net is a German-based cracked server that’s become one of the most popular of its kind. 

Twerion.net hosts various modes, including Bedwars, Prsion, Skyblock, PVP, and more, alongside your average Minecraft survival and creative mode maps.

The server also has a fun superhero theme that will undoubtedly appeal to Marvel, DC, or My Hero Academia fans.


A United States-based cracked server, JartexNetwork has everything you could ask for in a Minecraft server, including basic maps and various alternate game modes.

The most significant appeal of JartexNetwork is the massive number of players the server can hold and the lengths the server’s administrators go to maintain it. If you want a simple but effective server, JartexNEtwork is one of the best.


Unlike most cracked Minecraft servers, PikaNetwork doesn’t try to fly under the radar and avoid scrutiny from Mojang or Microsoft. 

PikaNetwork is a massive server that can host thousands of players simultaneously. The server’s Bedwars and Hunger Games have attracted a loyal following who regularly return to partake in multiplayer fun daily.

Immortal Survivor

Immortal Survivor

Immortal Survivor is a cracked Minecraft server that, as its name implies, focuses on the survival aspect of Minecraft.

While the game does feature alternate game modes like PVP and SMP, its survival scene is where the action is, and it’s some of the best you’ll find on any server, cracked or otherwise.


Named after the infamous Internet myth of the same name, Herobrine is a cracked server celebrating Minecraft’s resident ghoul.The main draw of Herobrine is the minigame of the same name, which allows players to amass weapons and supplies before battling the titular demon.

One of the oldest servers in the cracked community, Herobrine is a reliable server that celebrates one of Miencraft’s most alluring mysteries.

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